This wiki is titled "Leadership and Life Long Learning", and while the title is a little long, the content in this wiki covers two very important aspects of being a educator and using technology in your classroom. The first is Professional Development. We strive to continually learn new information about our content areas and technology, and then work to share that knowledge with others. The second is that as users of technology who see the social and educational benefits of students using technology, we must be take an active in Leadership and act as advocates for bringing equipment and access to various technologies into schools and classrooms in meaningful ways.

This wiki was created to provide a thoughtful collection of annotated links resources to help you with each of these aspects. Please use these page descriptions to help you find what you're looking for:

Technology Leadership This page provides links to sources and articles about being an advocate for technology in schools.

Online Sources for Content Area PD:This page provides links to resources that provide professional development for educators which utilizes technology for delivery and learning.

Tools for Delivering Professional Development: This page provides links to resources that can help you deliver information and learning to other educators using technology (such as web-conferencing).

Example of using technology for Professional Development: This page provides an example of how to using technology to find and present information regarding your technology goals using the example of a "flipped classroom".